What is it about hemp we love?

Is it “just another oil? Another superfood?”
We know. Do you?

The health benefits of this very underappreciated plant are extensive.
The articles below show many hemp seed uses and may convince you to try some for yourself. And once you have, you’ll wonder what took you so long…

Berry Fudge Protein Hemp Brownies

Berry Fudge Protein Hemp Brownies

Finding the right balance between healthy and not so healthy is difficult but this brownie recipe with its substitution of refined white flour for hemp seed flour, and the addition of raspberries and prunes, cashews and coconut sugar makes it well on the way to finding that balance. Enjoy. It’s delicious.

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This product is so versatile. Not only can you use it as the website recommends, I also use it straight onto my body as a moisturiser allowing my skin to absorb it directly. Also seems to help as a sunscreen too. Love the mild taste for my salad dressings.

I have been taking this product for one year (in capsule form) and rate it highly. The main benefit that I have gained is smoother skin. Dry scaly skin on legs is a thing of the past. Also, it seems to promote brain clarity. When studying, my recall is so much better when I have had my Hemp Seed Oil.


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