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“NZ-made new hemisphere Hemp Seed Oil has an interesting earthy/nutty flavour that balances well with the right ingredients…This oil contains the only known naturally-occurring nutritional balance of omega-3 and 6. As this oil cannot be heated and used for cooking, it’s a great alternative to olive oil to compliment meat, poultry and seafood dishes and also great as dressings for salads and vegetables.”

Simon Moss

Orbit Chef de Cuisine, Auckland Sky Tower

Hemp seed oil is now the most unique oil in a chefs repertoire. Its nutritional properties are well known. But its subtle, nutty flavour profile deserves a wide discerning audience. new hemisphere Hemp Seed Oil is pure Hemp Seed Oil. It is a delight to add to so many different dishes. Infuse it, drizzle it and above all, revel in its sublime taste.

Steve Barton

President, New Zealand Chefs Association

My hair, skin and nails grew stronger and longer. My energy has definitely increased! I recommend this to all my friends regardless of if they are interested in health products. New hemisphere Hemp Seed Oil is grown in NZ and I love to support Kiwi made and produced products! The oil also tastes great too!! Keep up the great work of producing locally made awesome Hemp Seed Oil!


I started using new hemisphere Hemp Seed Oil in conjunction with a change to my diet and I have found that my quality of health and energy has certainly improved for the better. I normally have 3 teaspoons of oil each morning. This provides me with a good base of energy for a busy day. Not long after I started on my course of hemp oil my wife noticed the improvement in my energy levels, so she also started using your product and we are both enjoying the ongoing benefits.

Russell & Deanna

I noticed the difference after 10-12 days. I highly recommend this product to others!


My skin has improved in appearance. New hemisphere Hemp Seed Oil is vegetarian and environmentally sustainable. This product is a great source of the Omega oils I need without relying on fish. I also love the fact that its NZ made, nicely done!


I am so pleased with this Hemp Seed Oil! Five years ago I began taking EFA’s, originally buying several different products in order to achieve the correct ratio. This is so much easier! I’ve been taking new hemisphere for two years now.


I have been taking this product for one year (in capsule form) and rate it highly. The main benefit that I have gained is smoother skin. Dry scaly skin on legs is a thing of the past. Also, it seems to promote brain clarity. When studying, my recall is so much better when I have had my Hemp Seed Oil. Judy


I have chosen to take new hemisphere because it is New Zealand made, chemical residue free and it is extra virgin cold pressed ensuring optimum value, and I choose to take it because it covers all the Omegas I need and it makes my skin look wonderful, everyone tells me I look ten years younger. Thank you for supplying this wonderful product!


This product is so versatile. Not only can you use it as the website recommends, I also use it straight onto my body as a moisturiser allowing my skin to absorb it directly. Also seems to help as a sunscreen too. Love the mild taste for my salad dressings.


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