Pure, Natural Hemp Seed Oil

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This natural, pure culinary NZ hemp seed oil is perfect for any foodie or home entertainer. A smooth, nutty flavour that’s all health and goodness of Omega-3s. That’s all. No chemical residues, no additives or preservatives. Just healthy omega oil. And it’s delicious.

✓ Free from chemical residues
✓ Fully New Zealand Grown and produced
✓ Cold-Pressed Extracted locally
✓ Non-GE/GMO

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new hemisphere™ Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil is:

✓ New Zealand grown and produced
✓ Cold-Pressed Extracted locally
✓ Free from any chemical residues
✓ Non-GE/GMO

new hemisphere™ cold pressed extra virgin hemp seed oil, has a rich, nutty and delicate flavour and has an incredible nutrient profile. Containing naturally occurring Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) Omega-3 and Omega-6 in the optimal balance of 3:1 ratio, this oil is a wonderful addition to your healthy foods kit.
There are many fabulous uses for this truly versatile oil including baking, dips and salad dressings. It can also be used in very low cooking temperatures to enhance flavours of fish or other items drizzled through at the end of cooking. To find out more about the rest of our range click here.

Why do we need Omegas? Read up about the healthy benefits omegas play in our wellbeing here.



100% Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil. This oil is cold pressed and produced without the use of solvents meaning all the natural nutrients have been retain during the production process providing you with a truly pure and unadulterated oil. Some sediment may occur which is normal as the oil settles on the shelf.



Use as a base for salad dressings, drizzle over pasta or potatoes, enhance the flavour of fish, seafood, meats and vegetables or enjoy as a dipping oil. This nutty flavoured, natural oil is extremely versatile and a delicious accompaniment to any dish - check out our recipes for more ideas.

Can be taken by tablespoon daily or mixed with fruit juice, yoghurt and smoothies, an excellent choice for very young children or those unable to swallow capsules. It is a very easy oil to take as it's viscosity is a lot lighter than many other typical oils.

As the oil is cold pressed and produced naturally, some sediment may be present which is normal. Lightly tip back and forth to mix the sediment. Do not shake.



Once opened, ideally keep refrigerated or in a cool dark cupboard and always out of direct sunlight. Consume within 3 months. Can be used for very low temperature cooking. Not suitable for frying.

38 reviews for Pure, Natural Hemp Seed Oil

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  1. My husband has taken up having hemp seed oil due to my improved sleeping pattern wishing to experience the same benefits, the quality and price means he can do this without any financial hit.

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  2. I have been taking hempseed oil for a number of years and put it on my breakfast nuts. It is smooth and I quite like the taste. It has made my skin smooth and I think that it moisturizers everything from the inside. Will continue to have hempseed oil.

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  3. Great taste, colour and wonderful to use as a dipping oil for breads, good on salads and I also use as a supplement and facial oil, works wonders.

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  4. Have been taking Hemp Seed Oil for a number of years and I am enjoying the benefits of this oil. Add it to my nuts in the morning. My skin is always soft and smooth which I think is due to Hemp Seed Oil.

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  5. great price.

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  6. Not sure of all the health benefits yet, but will keep using for longer

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  7. Great taste and easy to add to any food for a nutty taste.

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  8. As above.

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  10. Love hemp seed oil and have been taking it on my breakfast for a number of years now. Would recommend it to anyone.

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  11. Gives my wife relief from osteo issues. (She’s not fully computer converant, so I’m her husband, acting for her).

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  12. Love it. Im getting older and I think it really helps with my joints and movement.

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  13. love it even use it for face oil. Would be even bettr if it were organic. Love glass bottle.

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  14. Love it

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  16. Power of God to heal !

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  17. I ordered 4 – really appreciated the discount

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  18. Great product that I have been taking for several months. Great people to deal with especially if you have a question. Couldn’t be more helpful and friendly.

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  19. Friendly, prompt and efficient service.

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  20. Excellent product and service is why I keep dealing with this company and recommend to others.

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